About us

SPAR is a listed warehousing and distribution business that is geographically diverse. We provide fresh produce and high-quality merchandise to a network of independent retailers who trade under our brands.

Our value chain

SPAR uses a voluntary trading model based on mutually beneficial co-operation between us, the wholesaler, and independent retailers. We supply retailers with fresh produce and support services through our world-class wholesaling and distribution capabilities. See our full value chain here.

Our diverse geographic footprint

We operate across Southern Africa, Ireland and South West England, Switzerland, Poland* and Sri Lanka. Our warehousing and distribution systems supply more than 4 500 stores across these regions. These stores are predominantly independently owned and trade under our brand.

* We made a strategic decision to sell our Polish business in 2023.

Our brands and offering

In each of our geographies, we are the local custodian of the SPAR brand. We promote our brand through different store formats, house brands and national marketing campaigns. Our offering is broad, ranging from fresh food and groceries to liquor and building materials.


SPAR International is the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain and the largest independent supermarket retail network in the world. SPAR International owns the SPAR brand and licences the brand to operators in countries around the world. In 2023, we held nine country licences.


The first SPAR store opened in the Netherlands in 1932. It was initially called DE SPAR, a word that describes the benefits of joint co-operation, which rings equally true today. Learn more about the Group’s origins here.


Our business model explains how SPAR preserves and creates value through successfully managing our six inter-connected capital inputs. Value creation, preservation and erosion are the outcomes of how we employ these capital inputs in our daily business activities.

See our value business model here  

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Financial, manufactured, human, intellectual, social and relationship and natural capital

Core business activities

Procurement, warehousing, retailer support and marketing, and distribution


Providing world-class distribution and retail operational support services and promotional and marketing support to our independent retailers


Financial, manufactured, human, intellectual, social and relationship and natural capital


Our Board is the custodian of corporate governance and group strategy. It focuses on agility and integrated thinking to ensure SPAR mitigates risks, seizes opportunities, and achieves satisfactory performance outcomes in line with best corporate governance practices.

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