SPAR Switzerland serves 43 corporate and 143 independent retailer stores under the SPAR banner in German-speaking Switzerland. We intend to develop the SPAR brand DNA to represent the most admired convenience food offering in the region. Our marketing approach is directed by “Being the good neighbour”.

Depending on their size, SPAR neighbourhood stores offer between 7 000 and 12 000 products, with Fresh generally constituting 44% of the product range. SPAR Express stocks between 2 500 and 3 000 products, and TopCC has a product range of 18 000 products. This makes TopCC one of the largest players in the Swiss cash-and carry market. Altogether, the 186 SPAR, SPAR Express and SPAR Mini, 11 TopCC and 81 MAXI stores comprise 278 stores. Find our store profiles here.

Our distribution centre in St Gallen functions as a modern logistics centre supplying 75% ambient and 25% chilled product stock keeping units. Read more about this distribution centre here.

On average, our SPAR stores are between 200 m2 and 500 m2 and suited to the convenience store model. This model does not compete purely on price but also on accessibility, quality and the availability of profit-generating specialised items like convenience foods and coffee.

Key priorities identified for 2019 and how we performed

Topline growth is under pressure with the closure of four stores, the delay of new business opportunities and the renovations of existing stores, acquisitions and other wholesale opportunities.

We anticipate a more positive topline sales growth trend in the next financial year owing to store closures coming to an end, positive retail growth leverage and large-volume acquisitions coming into play.

We had a testing festive season and spent the ensuing months catching up. This proved difficult despite the team’s dedication and efforts to remedy shortfalls.

St Gallen relaxed its corporate tax legislation which saw SPAR receive timely and welcomed tax relief.

Following dedicated focus on inventory control, we saw a marked improvement in the liquidity of the business, albeit supported by delayed capital expenditure.

Single-store new developments were delayed in many instances owing to planning rights and approvals. We continued pursuing wholesale opportunities that will deliver benefits in the next financial year. Significant store refurbishments were completed.