We are committed to understanding and responding to the interests and expectations of our stakeholders to create authentic shared value for all. We share communities, supply chains and food systems with our stakeholders. We want these to be sustainable.


Our suppliers form part of an efficient supply chain that provides retailers with the produce they require on shelf at the right time, the right price and quality standards.

South Africa 5 000+ multinational, small and medium enterprises, and individual trade suppliers

We support local suppliers, with a strong commitment to supplier development for our SPAR house brands. Our rural hubs are a good example of this approach.

Ireland 500+ multinational, small, medium and artisan producers for niche fresh food categories

Our suppliers cover indigenous and multinational producers, distributors and service providers in FMCG and grocery categories, including health and wellness, fresh food, pre-prepared meals, chilled produce, beverages and confectionery.

Switzerland Multinational and Swiss manufacturers with a substantial amount of smaller local suppliers

In Switzerland, our range of relationships allows us to provide a comprehensive retail offering while supporting local industry as a responsible corporate citizen.


SPAR is built on strong relationships between stakeholders, which hinge on our employees and their ability to forge, maintain and serve these relationships. A total of 8 206 permanent employees work across our corporate offices and distribution centres in South Africa, Ireland and Switzerland.

* Most employees working in distribution centres are male due to the nature of work done (handling bulk goods and heavy machinery).


SPAR retailers own and manage their businesses under our internationally recognised brand across three geographies.

Each SPAR store has its own regional personality and offers consumers products unique to their location and requirements. Our retailers take full advantage of the voluntary trading model’s benefits by sourcing specific goods from local traders by using SPAR’s buying expertise. We encourage retailers to continuously invest in their stores to maintain consumer loyalty and grow their businesses.


Due to our geographical spread and range of store formats, we service the full spectrum of income groups in all territories. SPAR stores are located where people live and meet their immediate food and grocery shopping needs.

South Africa We provide consumers with an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience through a service and product offering that includes more than 1 000 exclusive SPAR house brand products. These products deliver premium quality at competitive prices.
Ireland and UK BWG serves a wide range of consumers across Ireland and South West England from all age profiles and demographics. We serve an average of over 1 million consumers every day across our community-based stores.
Switzerland SPAR consumers in Switzerland consist of ethnically diverse, middle to upper-income earners. Store locations vary from rural villages and suburban and central business districts, to commuter nodes and forecourt operations, each with an offering customised to their relevant market.


Our stores are owned and managed by individuals who engage with their local communities beyond providing a convenient shopping experience.

Read more about the nature of our communities, their needs and our investments in them in the operational reports for South Africa, Ireland and Switzerland.